Both our donors and the beneficiaries of their generosity have stories to share.

Read their stories below:


Judith "Jude" Blake ’77

Judith "Jude" Blake '77 has pledged $8 million of her estate to the University of New Hampshire to support students in the business college as well as to enable more students to participate in the university's Northeast Passage program and the Shoals Marine Laboratory.

Len Seeche ’48

Len Seeche ’48 didn’t consider himself anything special at UNH — the Lawrence, Mass., native describes himself as an average student who matriculated with little sense of what he wanted to do either in or beyond the classroom — but what he’s done in recent years for his alma mater is special indeed.

Betty Ward ’45

Betty Ward '45 doesn't mind telling you: she wasn't a straight-A student at her high school in Hanover, N.H. But her life changed when she came to UNH as a college freshman in the fall of 1942. "I discovered biology, microbiology and I just . . . WOW!" she says of identifying the passion that would become her career.

Gen. Ron Bouchard ’77

As U.S. Pacific Command J6, director of communications systems for the U.S. Army, Brig. Gen. Ron Bouchard '77 was at one time responsible for the communications command of half the world's surface — some 41 different countries and more than 100 million square miles.

Bob Winot ’71

As a college freshman, Bob Winot '71 worked a 40-hour week at the General Electric plant in Somersworth. After an eight-hour workday at his apprenticeship, he'd drive to campus for night classes, stay late to do homework, then finally head home to sleep.

Lloyd ’48 and Grace Farwell ’45

Lloyd ’48 and Grace Farwell ’45 never forgot their time at UNH. As their sons Wayne and Allan will tell you, their love for the university that brought them together only grew over the years. Before Lloyd and Grace passed away, they included a generous gift to UNH in their wills.